7 Warning Signs You Need a New Roof

No homeowner wants to think about having to have their roofing replaced. It’s an expensive job, no matter how you have it done. However, if you’re not paying attention to your home and your roof deteriorates enough, then a lot of other issues will arise that you’ll need to pay to fix. That’s why you need to pay close attention to your roof and look for the warning signs that it needs replacing. Here’s what you need to be looking for.

1. Several Missing Shingles

It’s not uncommon to see a shingle or two go missing, especially if you’ve had a storm go through your area. If you have one or two missing or broken shingles, you can easily replace them, and your roof will still be in good condition. If you’re seeing multiple missing shingles, that’s a sign that you need to replace that roofing. If multiple shingles are coming off in different areas of the roof, they are starting to wear out. They can be replaced, but you’re better off having all the shingles removed and replaced with new ones.

2. Your Roof Is Ageing

You’ll need to keep the age of your current roofing in mind whenever you inspect it. If your roof is getting on in years, you’ll be better off replacing it. If a newer roof is experiencing some issues, it’ll be cheaper and easier to repair and get it back up to speed. Each roofing material has a different age limit, so you’ll need to know how long yours should last.

As an example, asphalt shingle roofings will last 20 years on average before they need to be replaced. That will vary depending on the exact type and how well you have maintained your roof. When you know this, you’ll know when to start considering replacing the roof.

3. Changes to the Look of Your Shingles

The shingles on your roof may still be where they were installed, but they can start looking past their prime. There are some signs that the shingles are starting to wear out and need to be replaced. Look for shingles that are starting to get discolored or are curling. Curling can be curling up at the edges or lifting away from the roofing deck itself.

You’ll also want to look for any granule loss. The granule cover is what helps protect your shingles against UV rays. If the granules wash away, you will see them in the gutters or near your home. Once they’re gone, your shingles have no protection. If you’re seeing this, you’ll want to start looking into replacing the roof as soon as possible.

4. Your Roof Is Sagging

This is a sign that you’ll need to replace your roof as soon as possible. There are a couple of different things that can be causing the roof to sag. Firstly, the shingles may fail; worn out, they can’t keep water out of your roof. That will lead to the roof starting to sag.

The other reason this is happening is that your roof is dealing with water damage, thanks to those damaged shingles. The framing of your roof can start to rot when exposed to moisture for long enough, which will let the roof start sagging. You’ll need to replace the roof as soon as possible, as that water damage will only spread over time.

5. Mildew and Algae Growth

Are you noticing that mildew or algae are starting to grow on your roofing? If you catch it quick enough, it can be cleaned off, so no damage is done. If it’s left for long enough, though, you’ll soon find a lot of damage done to your shingles by this growth. As mildew and algae take hold, the roots penetrate the shingles, weakening your roof’s water tightness.

Plus, these growths will trap water against the shingles themselves. Over time that water will make its way into the roofing and cause damage. If the growth has been there for a while and you’re seeing other signs of damage, you’ll need to replace the roof.

6. Interior Water Damage

Water damage to your roofing won’t just be visible in the roof itself. There will also be damage in your home that you need to be aware of. For example, if you’re seeing water stains on ceilings or walls in your home, that’s a surefire sign that the roof is starting to leak.

Be aware that there can be other reasons you’re seeing these stains. It could result from ice dams, broken shingles, a burst pipe, or condensation in your home. If it is roof damage that’s causing the leak, though, then you need to look into replacing the roof.

7. Neighbors Are Replacing Their Roofs

Yes, really. If your neighbors have their roofs replaced, you should consider replacing yours. This is because when homes are built, they’re typically built a few at a time. As such, your roofs will wear out at a similar rateKeep an eye on the neighbors; if their roofs are replaced, inspect your roofing and see if it looks worn out.

You’ll likely need to have yours replaced simultaneously. These are some of the most common signs you need to replace your roofing. If you take good care of your roof, you should get the full lifespan from its materials. No roofing can last forever, so keep a close eye on yours and look for the warning signs that show the roof is wearing out.

The Bottom Line

There are lots of signs that you could look out for when you need new roofing installed. If you want to install new roofing, talk to your local roofer to see if it’s something they can handle for you.

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