The Common Signs Of Roof Damage From Rain During Spring

roof damage from rain during storm

Common signs of roof damage from rain during spring include discoloration or water stains on ceilings and walls, peeling paint, damp spots around fireplaces, missing, curling, or cracked shingles. You might also notice granules in gutters, leaks in the attic, or a sudden spike in energy costs. Spring’s consistent rain showers may feel refreshing, but … READ MORE

Tree Damage to Your Roof: What You Need To Know

tree damage to roof

Homeownership comes with its fair share of challenges in Ventura County, including the potential for tree damage to your roof when the wind kicks up. When trees that once provided shade, beauty, and tranquility transform into damaging agents, homeowners are often left feeling helpless and frustrated. In this article, we will explore the various ways … READ MORE

What is Built-Up Roofing And What Are The Benefits?

apartment building with flat roof - What is Built-Up Roofing

Built-up roofing is a multi-layered roofing system typically composed of alternating layers of asphalt and reinforcing fabric, offering benefits such as durability, water resistance, and cost-effectiveness. Are you looking for a roofing solution that is not only durable and water-resistant but also cost-effective? Built-up roofing might just be the perfect option for you. In the … READ MORE

4 Signs Of Mold On The Roof

Mold On The Roof

Mold is a common problem that can develop on roofs, especially in areas with high humidity or poor ventilation. Not only is mold unsightly, but it can also cause damage to your roof and pose a health risk to you and your family. Recognizing the signs of mold on your roof is crucial to address … READ MORE

7 Types of Roof Shingles

types of roof shingles

When it comes to replacing your roof, you’ll assume that there are just one type of shingles that you’ll have installed. The fact is, there are lots of different types of shingles out there that you should be aware of. They all have different benefits, so you’ll want to be aware of these before you … READ MORE

When to Replace Your Roof

when to replace your roof

Your roof is a crucial part of your home, but it’s easy to forget about it until it’s too late. As such, many don’t realise there’s an issue until water starts coming through, causing problems for them. While you can often repair a roof and keep it in good condition, there will be times when … READ MORE