What Are the Different Types of Roofs?

Choosing a roof is a lot like choosing a car. You want it to be a worthy investment, you want it to be durable, reliable, and last long. So now you may wonder, what are the different types of roofs? Today we break down the aesthetics and pros of each type. 

There are lots of things that you’ll want to think about when replacing your roof. However, have you considered the actual shape of the roof? This will have a real impact on the look of the roof and the look and style of your home overall. Here’s everything you need to know about roof shapes and styles before you have your roof replaced. 

The Impact of Your Roof Style

The size and shape of your roof are far more important than you’d think. It can make up to 40% of the exterior of your home, which is something that you need to think about when it comes to your home’s curb appeal. As such, you’ll want to pick out a roof shape, shingles, and colors that work with your home’s exterior. If you pick a style that doesn’t gel with the style of your home, it’s going to stick out and not be attractive. 

If you’re not sure what kind of roof you should go with, then you can take a look around at the other homes in your area. You can see what other people have on their homes, and take cues from there. 

You’ll also want to consider the pitch, or slope, of your roof. There is an International Residential Code that has minimum slope requirements for all kinds of roofs. This is something that your roofer would consider normal, but it’s something that you want to keep in mind. The steeper the slope of your roof, the more visible it will be from the ground. Remember this when you’re picking out a roof. 

As well as the look of the roof, remember that your roof is sloped to allow water and snow to roll off. This is something you’ll want to consider when picking a roof type. If you live in a wet or cold climate, you’re going to need a steeper slope to allow that snow to slide off in the winter. 

Roof Types You Should Know About

Now, what kind of roof types that you can pick from? Here are some of the most common types out there, and how they affect your roof and your home. 

  • Gable roof: This is a very common roofing type, and you’ll have seen it everywhere. That’s because it uses a very simple shape, a triangle with the base sitting on the home and two sides rising to a point at the top. These are quite versatile when it comes to slopes. You can have a gentle grade slope or a very high one like you’d see on a ski chalet. As such, it’s a popular design that’s very easy to adapt to your home and climate.
  • Clipped gable roof: This is another common style, and you may know it by several names. For example, many refer to this style as the Bullnose Roof. Essentially, they are the same as gable roofs, only the two ends of the roof are ‘bent in’. This creates a small hip, which adds some visual interest to the house. People often choose these roofs because they allow for wet weather while still showing off the shingles that have been used in their construction. If you want to pick out an interesting material for the roofing, this could be the roof style for you.
  • Dutch gable roof: Here’s another style of gable roof that could be what you’re looking for. These are really a mix of a gable and a hipped roof. The hip roof sits on top of the house, and a small gabled roof sits on top of that. This offers a lot more usability for your attic, as you can get a lot more space inside with this design. You can even add windows to it, so you’ll have natural light in there too.
  • Gambrel roof: This is another roof style that you’ll be familiar with, as it’s the classic ‘barn style’ roof that you’ll have seen over and over again. There are two slopes to each side of the roof, one steep and one gentle. That makes the roof slope very visible on the sides of the home. Again, this gives you more use of the attic as there’s a lot more space under the roof. If you want to use it as living space, you can add windows, and it becomes an extra room in your home. As the roof will be so visible from the ground, you’ll want to pick your roofing materials carefully.
  • Hipped roof: These roofs were mentioned earlier and are a good choice for many homes. They’re a simple design, using equal-length slopes that meet to form a ridge. There are a few variations that you can use, too, such as a half hip that has two shorter sides. This is another roofing style that’s highly visible from the ground, so again you’ll want to pick your materials carefully.
  • Mansard roof: This is a very common French design that uses double slopes with very steep lower slopes. These can be either flat or curved. It gives your home a lot of old-world charm, so that’s something to keep in mind. This is yet another style that allows for extra attic space, so it’s another option if you’re hoping to create an extra room in that space. If you really want to lean into the old-world style, you can go for slate-style shingles to get the look.
  • Shed roof: On a different note, a shed roof is what you’re looking for if you want a modern-style roof. It sports one singular slope, rising up on one side. It’s typically been used on porches and lean-tos, but now you’ll see it on modern new build homes. These will often be a lower slope than other styles, although you can get a steeper slope in some cases.

Wrapping Up – What Are the Different Types of Roofs?

These are just a few of the different types of roofs that you can choose from. There are lots of styles out there, so pick one that suits your home and makes the most sense. Roof installation and maintenance is a process that requires craftsmanship, so make sure you choose a high-quality roofing service.